29 Oct 2021

Updated 24 Nov 2021

PatientLive – The fastest and easiest way to Patient Insights


PatientLive – The fastest and easiest way to Patient Insights

We know that bringing the patient perspective at each step of the medical product life cycle is crucial to ensure the success of a new product. However, getting information directly reported by patients can be long and complex.

On October 28th our PatientLive webinar took place. We showed you how PatientLive® allows you to collect real-time patient insights at a fast pace, in order to help you make better strategic decisions with the help of real-life patient data.

This live session hosted by two of our finest industry specialists Emilie Pain, PatientLive Product Manager at EvidentIQ and Thierry Escudier, Strategic Consultant at DCRIPT, covered all you need to know about this innovative solution and how you can benefit from it.

What is PatientLive? 

PatientLive® is a unique solution to get fast answers from patients and caregivers and make better decisions via a quick poll (1-5 questions).

This self-service platform gives you access to a community of 500,000 patients and caregivers in the US and Europe, so you can understand patient experience, test concepts of services, develop awareness campaigns, listen to patient preferences and thus create patient-centric solutions to fill unmet needs. 

PatientLive® is available for 36 conditions. These conditions include immunology, respiratory conditions, endocrinology, gastroenterology, dermatology, oncology, etc.

Contact us for more information: patient-live@evidentiq.com 

Image Credit:Foto istock by metamorworks

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