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Our Coder is a web-based tool to classify safety-related data such as adverse events or concomitant medications. Coder supports standard MedDRA, WHODrug dictionaries and multilingual dictionaries to automatically and manually encode verbatim terms by use of powerful search mechanisms.
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Countries use the WHODrug dictionary to identify drug names and evaluate medicinal product information
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‘Lowest Level Terms’ in the MedDRA dictionary



Streamline your dictionary coding process

EvidentIQ’s Coder is integrated into the EDC via a Web Service API. Hence, it also integrates with leading safety, clinical data management and EDC systems or in house database. The Coder product includes a review workflow with 21CFR11-compliant signatures. Coded information can be transferred back to the EDC system to allow reporting and queries alongside full audit history of all activities.

Powerful Autocoding

Conveniently code all your data with the convenience of either MedCodr (for all medical dictionaries) or UMA KODA (for WHO drug), let the system do the coding for you using any dictionary in any language.

Automated Term Matching

Terms are matched automatically where possible against the selected dictionary. Term names and non-unique drug names can be set up to auto code and be reviewed if required.

Impact Analysis

Analyze the impact of new version of dictionaries on coded data, synonym lists and custom queries/groups.

SMQ, SDG and Custom Query/Group

Coder supports Standard MedDRA Queries (SMQ), Standardized Drug Queries (SDQ) and custom queries/groups/concepts. Easily search and browse all concepts.

Dictionary Explorer

Browse dictionaries and compare terms across version for differences in hierarchy or properties.

Synonym List Management

Ability to approve, reject or reassign candidates, migrate synonyms and create synonyms based on verbatim and metadata.

Term Review Queue

Once coded, terms can be placed into a review queue for independent oversight of coded terminology.

Easy and intuitive UI

Coder supports all modern browsers and gives a consistent look and feel across all platforms with an easy and intuitive user interface.


Anywhere, Anytime

EvidentIQ’s Coder can be accessed any time any place meaning you can code at your convenience.


Coder can be used standalone or integrated into the EDC system of your choice and our dedicated team will help you with the set up.

Regulatory Readiness

To ensure that each role across a multi-site or global trial records information like adverse events (AE) in a standardized way, medical coding dictionaries standardize the language they use to report adverse events, medications and more so you are regulatory ready.

Efficient Coding

You will save time and money while speeding up the clinical trial process by taking on dictionary management and ensure you’re always coding against the most up to date dictionary.


Medical coding is an important step in data cleaning activities within data management. The main objective of performing medical coding is to have the medical terms interpreted uniformly and in a standardized format; hence medical coding is required to be completed by using standardized medical dictionaries. Data which can be coded include adverse events, medical histories, concomitant medications, and even physical examinations, if required. Standard dictionaries such as MedDRA and WHODrug are typically used.

Coding of Adverse Events and Medical History events using this dictionary is required to group data for meaningful analysis. MedDRA is the ICH-developed and recommended dictionary for all medical events captured in clinical trials, including, but not limited to, AEs and medical history terms etc. MedDRA has multi-axial functionality and provides multiple levels of terms and codes which require a distinct understanding by the coder to pick the correct code.

WHO Drug Dictionary works in a similar way to MedDRA, but is used to code medications. Verbatim terms (the medication names) are coded to a hierarchy of terms (coded term, preferred term and to ATC level 4).


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