eCRF Setup

Capture better data, faster

eTMF Setup

Get up and running in no time

PV Management

Identify and handle your safety management needs

Data Management

Make more informed business decisions

Services_MSM_Managed-Service-Model-for-MDR (003)

Managed Service Model for MDR

Migration, Consulting and Customization for your MDR

Submission and Data Mapping

Move and consolidate data

eTechnology Strategy

Integrate and capitalize on critical technologies

Protocol Development

Turning your research question into a study


Observational Studies

Digital, cost effective and time efficient

Primary Market Research

Direct to patient, unique, and quality data

IRB and EC Management

End to end regulatory management

PV and GDPR Compliance

Safety, consent and data protection

Scientific Communications

Results dissemination

Digital Communications

Increase patient awareness

Data Linkage

Generate, combine and analyze data