Updated: 5th April 2023

How do participants perceive their clinical trial experience, as designed by the Pharmaceutical Industry?

< 1 min read By Léa Blaszczynski

In collaboration with DT Consulting, Carenity*, part of EvidentIQ, conducted a survey of patients from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, and the US to learn more about their experience with clinical trials. 

Understanding the difference between participants’ expectations and their actual experiences is a key issue in advancing medical research.

What are patients’ expectations in terms of communication from the organization managing the clinical trial during a clinical trial?
How is the patient informed about the trial? And by which health actor first?
What channels of communication does the patient use most with the organization managing the clinical trial?
What factors have the most impact on a patient’s decision to complete a clinical trial?

*What is Carenity?

Carenity by EvidentIQ is our leading social platform supporting +500,000 patients and caregivers worldwide, across +1,200 chronic and rare diseases. Carenity provides direct, timely and compliant access to patient real-world data. Our Carenity platforms help fulfill our unique offer for Real-World Evidence, Clinical Trial Optimization, as well as Scientific Communication and Publications.

Carenity connects people suffering from the same conditions by providing them with a free social network: friends, newsfeed, discussion forums, private messaging, etc. We are convinced that new technologies help members feel less alone and better informed.

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