Updated: 5th April 2023

Innovative Real-World-Evidence generation to efficiently combine digital biomarkers and self-reported outcomes

< 1 min read By Léa Blaszczynski

How to leverage data linkage to get better outcomes?

EvidentIQ, a leading clinical data science group, announced its partnership with Feel Therapeutics, a digital therapeutics US-based company. The alliance between these two visionaries of tech has resulted in the building of unique end-to-end solutions to link data and digitize clinical trials through a seamless patient journey supported by direct access to patients, best-in-class technologies and in-house data science expertise.

  • What is Real-World Evidence and the different sources of Real-World Data?
  • How to collect real-time physiological data 24/7 to monitor emotions, physical activity, and sleep quality: the example of Feel Therapeutics Data Monitoring and Digital Endpoint Discovery Platform
  • How to efficiently collect self-reported outcomes?
  • How to combine these two innovative data sources?

On May 12th our data linkage webinar took place. We showed you how innovative Real-World-Evidence generation can help to efficiently combine digital biomarkers and self-reported outcomes.

Access the replay! We will walk you through the new data linkage thanks to this partnership, combining best-in-class technologies and expertise of EvidentIQ and Feel Therapeutics.

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