Updated: 27th February 2023

DMB Paris, Association Française de Data Management Biomédical

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Save the date on Tuesday November 22th and come to meet our Lise Radoszycki and Andreas Weber at the DMB Annual Conference in Paris!

DMB, the French Biomedical Data Management Association, organizes its Annual Conference at the Maison Internationale (Cité Internationale Universitaire) in Paris.

This event gathers every year around 200 professionals from the clinical research industry.

The main themes for 2022 edition of DMB annual conference will be

  • Real World Data and Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT)
  • Definition, state of the art and role of Data Management and Data Manager

We are proud to be part of this interesting conference.

To learn more about this event: Click here!


We invite you to visit our booth for a live demonstration of our software solution.

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