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Our customers can benefit from our end-to-end comprehensive eCOA package or create value by selecting certain elements that meet specific requirements. Our solution can be used stand-alone as it is independent of any specific eClinical technologies such as EDC systems, but it can also be integrated into any existing eClinical software landscape. It has been created to collect any reported outcome data in a streamlined, complaint, and efficient way.



Ensure success by using robust and adaptable technology

We support a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy – on any device. We assist our customers with scientific services to review their protocols, proposing standard questionnaires/ eDiaries that address their primary and secondary endpoints, or building a custom offer. We then validate the questionnaires/eDiaries against industry standards and medical requirements, and then set them up in our eCOA application.


Highly configurable

Build complex electronic data capture forms for use during in clinic or virtual visits. EvidentIQ eCOA data capture forms include all standard form fields, text, and scale based- questions, image hotspots, smart notifications, and data checks required for most protocols.

Ensure data integrity/quality

eCOA enables real-time data streams and accurate timestamping and data entries, which improve the quality of the data coming in for a given study. In addition, this data is encrypted and protected, ensuring patient data integrity.

EDC Agnostic

The EvidentIQ’s eCOA solution Integrates with multiple EDC providers.

Instant Notification

Instant email notifications can be sent whenever needed to inform the patient about treatment updates or visits.

Meets Global Regulatory Standards

EvidentIQ technology meets all regulatory requirements for security and integrity of data in trials.

Message Scheduling

Schedule notifications for every important step of your clinical research so as to ensure your endpoints are addressed.

Device Agnostic

EvidentIQ eCOA is easily accessible from a variety of devices for contributing data and conducting study activities with site team members and participants.

Multilingual Support

Selectable language for surveys/scales which allows participants to complete surveys in their native language.
“After observing the evolution of the eClinical sector, we decided that now is the right time to develop this solution to better respond to the industry and our clients’ needs. I am proud of our team for responding to this challenge with an exceptional product.”

Dominique Manu

EvidentIQ Group CEO


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Meet EvidentIQ at SCOPE in Barcelona this October!

We are happy to attend the 6th annual SCOPE Europe that will take place in ...

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