Everyone knows “one-size-fits-all” is often
untrue. Solutions might work for some, but in
these few cases, the fit is usually poor.
EDC systems are no exception.

Our EDC solutions are tailored to specific sites to address their unique needs. Each trial is provided End-to-End services that are simple and easy to use. Everything you need for successful trial execution is only a few clicks away.



EvidentIQ utilizes clinical trial software technologies to ensure our clients receive top value for their money, while ensuring compliance and quality service.

Our EDC comes with flexible features like DICOM image upload, image-based data entry, eConsent, ePRO/eDiaries (accessible via smartphone, tablet, home PC), RTSM (Randomization and Trial Supply Management) modules, MedDRA and WHODrug coding, and advanced data extraction. Easily customizable for any type of study: drug, medical device, diagnostic, observational, bioequivalence, pharmacovigilance, administrative databases, surveys, registry etc.



Accessible and Global

We offer solutions, both in the private and public cloud. Our solutions are available globally 24/7 with consistent performance. EvidentIQ will work closely with your project team to develop specifications to ensure the EDC capture, collection and reporting are correct for your research data according to project requirements.


Flexible pricing

EvidentIQ’s pricing options are designed around usage expectations to avoid unexpected charges or overages. EvidentIQ ensures that your clinical trial EDC uses only the tools you need for your specific study. Our pricing models offer a tailored approach so you can run a single study with us or many. In the case of multiple studies, we can adjust the pricing model to include a study-package or a flat rate. 



Fast Setup And Easy To Learn

We provide a flexible software that enables easy study set-up and management. Customers and end users value the simplicity of customizable workflows. According to our clients, one of the key advantages of using our system compared to other EDC tools, is its quick implementation. A study set-up is possible in weeks not months. 

Randomization and Supply Logistics Included

Our EDC solutions provide flexibility to handle medical device and drug logistics. Both device and drug logistic workflows are connected through our EDC (Electronic Data Capture) and RTSM (Randomization Trial Supply Management) systems. 

Medical Coding Made Easy

Our EDC supports both MedDRA and WHODrug dictionaries to encode verbatim terminology automatically and also manually using powerful search mechanisms. This eliminates import/export processes for data managers.  


CDISC Certified

We offer End-to-End use of CDISC standards to guarantee interoperability throughout the study’s life cycle and to ensure that our EDC can produce ODM files with a high level of conformity to the published specifications. 

Source Data Verification

Our EDC system supports a targeted source data verification process to ensure clinical trial data quality and integrity. Customized verification rules are defined in a detailed monitoring plan outlining various risk levels. The monitoring plan may also be changed and amended at any time to ensure maximum flexibility in a fast-changing clinical study environment. Our EDC provides advanced features to set an automated data validation process for enhanced data accuracy.

eDiary & ePRO

Our system uses the most advanced web survey software allowing you to create simple or complex follow-up questionnaire designs. Create and incorporate your own icons into your questionnaires or let us do it for you. Build online surveys, forms, polls quizzes, questionnaires or use existing study forms to be filled out by patients via email or SMS, using a tablet or a smartphone.   



Our software maximizes efficiency and data quality. The user-friendly technology guides proper protocol execution while automatically validating data upon entry. and is great for users with all levels of research experience. Clinicians can enter digital data without the need to transcribe clinical data from paper forms and charts.


Experience our dynamic and also static dashboard for study monitoring with Business Intelligence (BI) for data visualization via Qlik, and generated reports (data entry, designer & administrator).


Our system includes a fully compliant eConsent solution that allows for both, in- person digital consenting and remote consenting of patients. The software simplifies the consent process, raises patient comprehension and retention, eases workloads for study teams and sites. Flexible and powerful design features allow for the creation of sophisticated and intuitive electronic informed consent forms (eICF) with videos, graphics, and downloadable PDF files.

Easy to use Designer Interface

Save time and money by using our designer module. It contains advanced features to easily design electronic forms. You can add data entry fields and customize the database design without any programming knowledge. The designer module also allows you to choose from the standard subject selection interface or a dynamic visit interface.

Extensive Process Automation Features

Get guidance as you take patients through a series of study events, making sure they only receive the information related to their circumstances at the time. You can clarify data discrepancies, or even eliminate them altogether, – and can help reduce the number of in-person site visits required during a trial. 

Open Architecture And Easy Integration

Seamlessly connect operations with data management. Get simple access to a suite of applications, while open architecture ensures rapid integration with third party applications via API. Leverage connected sensor technologies including Watches, Scales, BP monitors, Pulse Oximeters, Sleep Mats and more enable sites to remotely monitor patients and make data-driven decisions in real-time.


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