Updated: 22nd March 2023

Ready for remote: eCOA and EDC

< 1 min read By Léa Blaszczynski

Whilst a push towards entirely decentralized studies is the end goal nowadays; the industry recognizes the best way forward currently is within a hybrid trial structure.

We believe that the solution for this is the combination of EDC and eCOA for study data capture. EDC allows the study control to remain with site staff and the investigators, whilst patient needs are accounted for by eCOA/ePRO; tools that allow the study to meet the patient wherever they are.

Want to be able to conduct any study in any chosen modality? Be it a fully decentralized trial or be able to choose the items to be conducted face to face? Get a look to this webinar!

Main topics for this presentation:

  • Understand how best-in-class hybrid trials can be run
  • Learn how eCOA in combination with EDC can power your trial data collection
  • Learn how EDC and eCOA can also be used as the foundation of a true Decentralized Trial


On March 21st our eCOA & EDC webinar took place. We showed you how to go remote with eCOA and EDC and conduct any study in any chosen modality. 

Access the replay to learn how eCOA in combination with EDC can power your trial data collection and understand how best-in-class hybrid trials can be run, thanks to the expertise of EvidentIQ.

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