Updated: 11th January 2024

Happy 10th! EvidentIQ Germany, formerly known as XClinical, is proud to mark a decade of fruitful collaboration with Cardialysis, a renowned CRO & Core Laboratory!

2 min read By Sabine Birkner

For the past ten years, EvidentIQ Germany and Cardialysis have joined forces to achieve impressive accomplishments in clinical research. Together, they have enrolled over 46,000 participants in 56 studies spanning various therapeutic areas and study phases, with a primary focus on cardiology.

This decade has seen significant milestones. EvidentIQ introduced Marvin 3.0, featuring a cutting-edge user interface that enhances the efficiency of data capture and management. Additionally, a noteworthy development for Cardialysis was EvidentIQ’s expansion through the merger of several companies into the EvidentIQ Group GmbH. This strategic expansion solidified EvidentIQ‘s position as a leading global provider of EDC software, emphasizing the commitment to continuous innovation.

“The past 10 years have not only been a time of intense collaboration but also an era of innovation and growth for us and Cardialysis,” says David Renzelmann, Executive Director Business Development, from EvidentIQ Germany (formerly XClinical).

“Enrolling over 46,000 patients in various studies highlights the importance of our research and its positive impact in the field of cardiology. Relying on robust and secure partners for data collection is crucial for our compliance and quality” adds Dr. Ernest Spitzer, CEO from Cardialysis.

The partnership between EvidentIQ Germany and Cardialysis remains focused on excellence and groundbreaking innovations in clinical research. Both companies look forward to continuing to achieve milestones together, driving innovation in clinical trials and making strides in the field of cardiology.

About Cardialysis: Cardialysis is a Dutch-based, quality-oriented, independent Imaging Core Laboratory and a cardiology-focused, full-service Contract Research Organization (CRO) leveraging from 40 years in the field. It specializes in full-service, multi-national Device(+Pharma) randomized clinical trials. Its services include expert committees’ coordination, including clinical events Committees & data and safety monitoring boards in collaboration with top European and global experts. Cardialysis has a global reach with compliance according to the European, US FDA, PMDA, and CFDA regulations. Cardialysis Core Laboratories specialize in Echocardiography, Cardiac MRI, Computed Tomography, ECG, as well as coronary techniques, including angio-based physiology, angiographic analysis, intravascular ultrasound, and optical coherence tomography. Contact Cardialysis via info@cardialysis.nl.

Thank you to Dr. Ernest Spitzer, MD, CEO from Cardialysis for his unwavering trust in us over the past 10 years and those to come.


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