Updated: 6th October 2023

EvidentIQ is pleased to announce the addition of Asthenis GmbH to their comprehensive eClinical solutions group.

< 1 min read By Sabine Birkner

We are proud to announce the acquisition of Asthenis GmbH, the market leader in cancer documentation software in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). 

This merger is set to enhance the existing portfolio of clinical e-solutions and elevate EvidentIQ’s expertise within the oncology sector.

Asthenis, based in Aschheim, Munich, is a trailblazer in its sector and serves nearly 300 leading oncology clinics with its innovative solutions. One of its flagship products, ODSeasyNet, is a browser-based software that not only ensures the meticulous documentation of all cancer cases but also equips physicians with additional capabilities. These include the generation of medical correspondence, automated reporting for cancer registries, and valuable support for post-treatment care management. Furthermore, Asthenis has recently unveiled a product named ODS-TumorBoard. This software is specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of oncology professionals.

The inclusion of Asthenis within EvidentIQ marks a substantial enhancement of EvidentIQ’s oncology services. This strategic move allows the group to increase its proficiency within the oncology domain, enabling a more refined amalgamation of synergies stemming from their product and service offerings in the realms of real-world evidence and data-driven study execution. This, in turn, promises to deliver enhanced value and tailored solutions to their clientele.

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