Updated: 24th May 2023

EvidentIQ helps clients streamline their Metadata management process

< 1 min read By Sabine Birkner

EvidentIQ launches a new Managed Service Model that not only supports the use of the open-source solution OpenStudyBuilder, but also helps clients customizing it to their specific requirements.

Last year EvidentIQ  released alongside Novo Nordisk, Neo4j, and Microsoft, a new solution for managing clinical data standards and study design specifications, the OpenStudyBuilder.

In the world of pharmaceuticals, metadata management is crucial for the success of clinical trials. Managing metadata can be a complex task, with several challenges involved, such as data inconsistencies, bottlenecks between systems and processes, and manual work. To simplify this process, EvidentIQ offers a Manage Service Model for OpenStudyBuilder users to support them with their specific requirements.

EvidentIQ provides a range of Managed Services for OpenStudyBuilder that can help pharmaceutical companies streamline their metadata management process. These services include Migration, Consulting, and Customization.

EvidentIQ’s team of experts migrate the Metadata Repository to OpenStudyBuilder. Once fully integrated, they guarantee End-to-End consistency, ensuring that all data is accurately transferred and maintained. They also provide consulting services on all issues related to OpenStudyBuilder. They have been specialists in CDISC standards since 2003 and can help with any questions or concerns. At the same time, EvidentIQ customizes OpenStudyBuilder for client’s specific trials, ensuring that it meets all trials requirements.

With their team of experts and their extensive experience in CDISC standards, EvidentIQ can help customize the OpenStudyBuilder to the specific business needs and ensure that all data is consistent, accurate, and reliable.

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Source: (PresseBox Managed Service Model for OpenStudyBuilder) (Hamburg, Germany 25/05/2023

Image Credit: istock-gorodenkoff

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