Updated: 5th April 2023

EvidentIQ and Feel Therapeutics Launch Strategic Partnership

2 min read By Sabine Birkner

April 5th, 2022, Hamburg (GERMANY). Today, EvidentIQ, a leading clinical data science group, announced its partnership with Feel Therapeutics, a US-based digital biomarkers and therapeutics company. The alliance has produced a series of unique end-to-end solutions to seamlessly capture continuous digital biomarker data and digitize clinical trials throughout the patient journey. The solutions are supported by direct access to 500,000 patients, patented technology for continuous health monitoring, and in-house data science expertise to support real world evidence (RWE) generation and clinical research capabilities for life science industry customers.

Data linkage shows the importance of integrating data sets for better health outcomes

The data linkage approach combines rich, self-reported patient data collected through EvidentIQ’s Carenity platform with continuous, physiological data captured by Feel’s data monitoring device, and translates them into digital biomarkers. The combined datasets offer a complete patient picture and generate new evidence, bringing RWE to the next level. Throughout the process, EvidentIQ and Feel Therapeutics employ patient recruitment & onboarding, data monitoring and linkage capabilities, and data science expertise. They will also apply study design services such as protocol writing, questionnaire development (ePROs, ediaries), as well as IRB/EC submission and advisory board.

DCT has become the new gold standard to optimize clinical trials

Catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic and supported by recent changes to the regulatory framework, DCT (Decentralized Clinical Trials) adoption has risen steadily in recent years, with an expected growth of 28% in 2022 and a total of more than 1,300 clinical trials including a virtual component expected to commence this year. EvidentIQ and Feel Therapeutics offer an innovative hybrid or fully virtual clinical trial experience that include patient insight-driven DCT strategy definition, study design, patient recruitment, trial management software suite, study monitoring and biostatistics. The joint offering leverages Carenity’s patient platform to design a patient centric DCT and accelerate patient recruitment, with state-of-the art electronic data capture (EDC) and eClinical solutions (eConsent, eCOA…) employed throughout the trial. Decentralization is further enabled by Feel’s data monitoring device, which captures digital biomarkers and passively monitors patients, as well as its data science expertise and the use of its proprietary biomarker discovery and real world data platform.

With this best-in-class data linkage and DCT offering, EvidentIQ and Feel Therapeutics become a strategic partner for the life sciences industry to run innovative, patient-centric studies and generate powerful, high quality data from clinical trials.

About Feel Therapeutics

Feel Therapeutics (FKA Sentio Solutions) is a San Francisco based company which develops digital biomarkers and therapeutics to reinvent the way we diagnose, manage, and care for mental health by using continuous, objective and passive data collection. The company is backed by top VC firms and has kicked-off deployments with large Health & Life insurers in the USA and Germany.

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